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1940 Ford Coupe Acrylic Lighted Edge Lit LED Car Sign / Light Up Plaque

1940 Ford Coupe Acrylic Lighted Edge Lit LED Car Sign / Light Up Plaque
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The image above is for design reference only. It may have been a different size, mounting style, color, or had different lighting options than what you may choose for your own sign.

Our light up edge lit acrylic signs look great in your home, business, or office! They're perfect for attracting attention!
Our LED lighted plaques are great for:

  • Home
  • Office
  • Store Signs
  • Trophies
  • Vendor Booths
  • Car Art
  • Business Logos
  • Garage & Shop
  • Employee Signs
  • Wedding/Anniversary
  • Trade Shows
  • Man Caves
Our lighted signs are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors and lighting options ranging from single color lights, to amazing color changers with wireless remote controls!

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Fill out this form to order a sign with the design shown.

Online Order Form
Choose a size and mounting style.
NEW! 11" or 21" Black mirror finish bases. AC Adapter included, can be used with our remote control color changing option, and our external battery pack.

The 11" wood desk model is the only model that has a 9v battery slot in the bottom of the base for short term battery use. An included AC adapter can be used when not using a battery.

The 21" wood desk model includes an AC adapter, or can be powered by an external battery pack, listed below.

All wall mount models up to 48"x24" include mounting standoffs, hardware, and an AC adapter.

Choose a light package.
Light Package
Light Package 1
  • 11" wood desk models have 3 LEDs, and will run on an internal 9v battery. (not included)
  • 21" wood desk models have 7 LEDs, and include a 110vAC adapter, but do not use an internal battery. An external battery pack can be purchased below.
  • All other models have the light package 2 upgrade installed.

Light Package 2
  • 11" and 21" wood desk models have 3 or 7 LEDs installed by default. This package will upgrade these models to 15 and 30 extra bright LEDs,
    however, when choosing the bright light strip, the wood style base will no longer have an internal battery, and you will need to purchase an external battery pack if you require a battery.
  • This upgrade is for wood desk models only. Wall models, and desk models with legs already include the bright light strip.
  • Extra bright 12 volt light strip, with densely spaced LEDs.
  • Single color, you can choose your color below.
  • 110vAC Adapter included.
  • Optional external battery pack available below.
(+$8.00 )
Light Package 3
Color Changing Light Up Acrylic Sign
  • This upgrade is available for desk or wall models.
  • Color Changing
  • RF Remote Control.
  • Extra bright 12 volt light strip, with closely spaced LEDs.
  • 19 Dynamic modes, 20 Static colors, demo mode, with adjustable speed and brightness.
  • Fades, strobes, transitions and effects! Internal RGB RF color changing microcontroller with wireless remote control gives you control over the lights, from a distance!
  • 110vAC Adapter included. A common battery (CR2025) is included with the remote control.
(+$30.00 )
Choose your light color.
Light color:
  Choose which color lights you'd like.

Wood desk model colors are: red, blue, green, amber, orange, pink, purple, white, and turquoise.
Wall, mirror black base, and bright light strip model colors are: red, blue, green, orange, white, and turquoise.

If you're selecting package 3, set this to Color Changing.
Choose your custom text.
Enter the text you would like on your sign here. For example, Year, Make, and Model. You can enter up to 40 characters.

If you would like the same text as shown, leave the text box blank.
If you would like to change the text, please enter your text.
If you would like no text on the sign, enter BLANK in the text box.
Optional AC adapter for 11" wood desk model
AC Adapter:
Add AC adapterOnly the 11" wood desk model runs on an internal 9 volt battery. Most fresh batteries will last 10-12 hours. Check here to purchase an AC adapter for your 11" wood desk model. All other light packages already include an AC adapter. External battery packs are available for all other models below.
(+$5.00 )
Optional external battery pack for all models.
External Battery Pack:
Add external battery pack

These black battery packs are 1" thick, 3" wide by 4" or 5" long, and hold either 6 or 8 AA batteries, depending on the style of sign you choose. With the battery pack, the life for a 9v sign is 3-4 days, or 1-3 days for a 12v sign. This time varies depending on light color, and battery quality.
(+$8.50 )
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