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Frequently asked questions
Which photo should I choose to upload or send?
  • Minimum image resolution of 1024 x 768
  • Entire vehicle or object visible in the image
  • Avoid dark photos, or excessive shadows
Higher resolution images are preferred. The more detail we can see in your image, the more detail will show up in the finished product. Most digital camera images will work for us.
Images should be no less than 1024x768, preferably larger.

The photo should be taken up close, and the entire vehicle is in the shot.
Dark photos make it very difficult, if not impossible to see details, please make sure the photo is well lit. Make sure the vehicle is in a pose you're happy with. The standard pose is from the front corner, with both headlights visible, slightly looking down from above. This is personal preference, it can be in any pose you like. Here's an example:

Example vehicle pose

What do I put in the text field?
Most customers put the year, make, and model of the vehicle on the line, up to 40 characters.
Be sure to type it exactly as you'd like it to read. Remember to check your spelling and punctuation.

What does the preview look like?
Here is an example preview made from the photo above. They are significantly larger than this when you receive them. Once you receive your preview, you can look over the design, and check the spelling, etc.
Example vehicle pose

What do they look like with the lights in the room on?
The standard 3 LED light package is bright enough for most conditions. There are super bright light strips available if you want yours to be even brighter.
Example of lit acrylic in the light
Example standard 3 LED light package 1 photo.
Photographed with the lights in the room on.

How long does it take?
You should receive your preview within 3 - 5 business days. The creation time after that is 3 business days or less for most standard signs. During the holidays, this time can be a bit longer, so be sure to place your order early if it's a gift.

Will it run on batteries?
All standard 13" acrylic 3 LED desk model bases have a slot for a standard 9 volt battery. This allows you to display it with your vehicle at car shows, or other events where there is no electricity available.

Light package 2, 3, 4, High brightness, color changing, and 21" and larger sizes do NOT run on batteries. These packages all include a 9v or 12v AC adapter.

How long will a battery last?
Battery life varies by LED color, but they average about 10-12 hours at full brightness, and then will slowly begin to fade.

Can I plug it in?
Light package 1 does not include an AC adapter by default. When placing your order, you can check the box on the order form to include one with your order, or you can purchase one separately later.
All other light packages (2, 3 & 4) include an AC adapter.

Do you offer bulk discounts?
Yes. We can offer discounts on duplicate copies of the same design.
If you have one vehicle, graphic, or logo you'd like multiple copies of with different text on each sign, that can be done at a discounted rate as well.
Prices vary depending on quantity, so please Contact Us, and let us know what you have in mind.

I have a question not answered here.
Click on Contact Us, we'll be glad to help!

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